Para Hills Tennis Club was founded in 1963 and was originally located on the reserve between the Woolworths Shopping Centre and the Para Hills Primary School. Our founding President Stan Burden, and his wife Cath , were vital in establishing the club and gave it the solid foundation on which it has been built.

The club was asked to relocate with two options offered - The Paddocks on Bridge Road or the current location at Liberman Road. The picturesque valley location was ideal compared to the flat and dusty paddocks of the early 70's so four courts and a clubhouse were constructed and opened in 1974. The courts were black asphalt until 1976 when the members themselves painted the courts red and green - probably the best and longest wearing surface the club has had!

Tremendous success has been enjoyed over the years and the club is well respected within the tennis community. The numerous pennants and shields won along with many premiership team photos proudly adorn the walls of the clubhouse. The club initially was part of Elizabeth and Salisbury Tennis Association before joining Northern Districts (Sub) Tennis Association and now belongs with North East Tennis Association. Para Hills has always been a strong club with Division 1 Men's and Ladies' teams fielded each summer season. Junior and Mid Week Ladies teams represent the club in matches each week. The club has always offered tennis coaching for all standards of players and it was the members themselves who provided tuition in the early years. Players representing the club have competed at Association, Pennant and State level. Club champions who have won 4 or more titles are:

  •  Donald Cameron (4)
  •  Steven Henderson (8)
  •  Malcolm Jeffs (5)
  •  Simon Grigg (5)
  •  Pam Cook (10)
  •  Cynthia Jeffs/Henderson (7)
  •  Ann Burton/Jeffs (4)

During the early 1980's, our membership peaked and was close to 180 seniors and juniors with the Para Hills High School courts becoming an additional home venue to accommodate players. Some players spent entire seasons playing their home matches at the high school courts but still enjoyed the great social atmosphere that the club offered.

Ten Life Memberships have been awarded to those who have given outstanding service to the club.

  • Stan Burden -- 1974/75 Instigator of the club and foundation President
  • Cath Burden -- 1974/75 Secretary, 1970-73 foundation member
  • Dennis Haynes -- 1975/76 Junior Coordinator
  • Daryl Cowan -- 1979/80 President, Treasurer and Secretary positions held 1970-77
  • Barbara Mathews -- 1984/84 Junior Coordinator
  • Pam Cook -- 1985/86 President and Treasurer positions held 1980-87
  • Colin Jeffs -- 1993/94 President, Treasurer, Club Maintenance
  • Ivan Griguol -- 1999/00 President and Treasurer positions held 1987-2001
  • Cynthia Henderson -- 2000/01 Secretary since 1987 until present
  • Dianne Griguol -- 2002/03 Service to club as Manager in all areas

The club has maintained the courts with regular resurfacing and provided the funds necessary to floodlight them in 1995. The popularity of winter tennis and night competitions led the club to embark on a project to construct two additional tennis courts and they were constructed in 2004 and then floodlit in 2008. The facility is a credit to the hard working committee members we have had who fundraised and sought out grants to create such a complex.

The club is an asset to the Para Hills community and the Salisbury Council area and a credit to those who developed and manage it.

Cynthia Henderson 
Para Hills Tennis Club