Tennis For All

Tennis For All specialises in tennis coaching and programs for all ages and abilities. Starting from young children right through to Mums, Dads and retirees who are looking to stay active and get fit.

Tennis For All Programs are designed to suit the needs and requirements of each different level of tennis player with current programs catering for kids, adults, schools, social players and your more serious tennis player.

Tennis For All is run by Tennis Australia Club Professional coach John Warnock. John has worked tirelessly on creating successful programs for all different levels of tennis players. John has years of experience in conducting and developing tennis programs for all levels of players.

Based in South Australia, Tennis For All is continually growing as the quality and success of all their programs are becoming vastly recognized.

Tennis: Why We Love IT?

It is social and fun and can be a welcome change to your usual gym workouts, hard-core personal training sessions and spin classes. Add this to your fitness routine once a week and reap the benefits of this cardio intense sport.

It is cost effective and easy to organise. The average game of tennis is no more than $10. All you need is your local court, an hour or so, a partner ready to play ball and an impressive backhand.

Hello amazing work-out!

It is a new way to MOVE your body every day. Tennis is a nice welcome change to over-bearing workouts that have your body saying no to that final push-up. If you're looking for a new way to move and have some fun along the way, then tennis is for you.

It improves arm and length strength, working muscles you wouldn't usually work with other aerobic exercises. Think about it, running after the ball, sprinting, jumping, and lunging at the ball. Plus all that overhead hitting.

Fast Fitness Facts

  • Tennis may generate new connections between nerves in the brain and promote a lifetime of continuing development as it requires alertness and tactical thinking.
  • Tennis outperforms golf and most other sports in developing positive personality characteristics. It helps increase satisfaction and an improved outlook on personal happiness and stress levels.
  • Tennis is a serious calorie burner! Elevating your heart rate throughout the game it will help you burn extra calories aiding in weight loss. Who said working-out couldn't be both fun and rewarding?
  • Tennis is a cardiovascular-rich exercise and can improve your heart health, lowering your risk for heart disease, heart attack and all those other nasty's.